Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary

LocationThe Sanctuary is located in Chandauli District, in the south eastern part of U.P., between Chakia & Naugarh
Ideal time to visit July-Feb. but best during and after rainy season
Timings 6am-5pm, opens on all days
Phone For Guest House booking - +91-542-2668231
Attractions Nature & Wildlife
Entry Fee Rs. 30 for Indians, Rs. 350 for foreigners, Vehicle Parking@ Rs. 10 for Scooter, Rs. 50 for Car/Jeep, Rs 100 for Bus, Movie- camera charges- Rs. 3500 for Indians, Rs. 7000 for foreigners.
How to reachBy Road-can be accessed by bus/taxi from Varanasi, which is 70 km via Varanasi-Mughalsarai-Chakia-Naugarh road and 70 km via Varanasi-Pandav-Ramnagar-Mughalsarai-Chakia-Naugarh road
By Rail-Varanasi-70 km, Mughalsarai- 55 km
Airport- Babatpur, Varanasi 90 km

Chandra Prabha Wild Life Sanctuary, once a habitat of Asiatic Lions, has all the natural ingredients to become a beautiful tourist/picnic spot. It has been endowed with beautiful picnic spots, dense forest, and scenic waterfalls like Raj Dari & Dev Dari & a dam nearby called Chandra Prabha Dam. The Sanctuary was established in 1957 and sprawls over an area of 9,600 hect. The core area of the Sanctuary covers over 2,686 hect., while the buffer area covers 66000 hect., which also includes Kashi Wildlife Division. It was the habitat of Asiatic Lion from 1957-1970 but after that lions disappeared from here. In the past when naxal problem was not there people used to flock around here & enjoy the wildlife, forest & natural beauty in winter season, and also during rainy season when waterfalls add greater attraction to the lush green environment of the sanctuary. It serves as a natural & ideal habitat with its grasslands, many caves in Vindhyan area & waterfalls for a host of animals & plants (medicinal also) and has a great potential to develop Jungle Tourism in the sanctuary where people can enjoy natural beauty & bio-diversity. Animals like Leopard, Black Buck, Chital, Sambhar, Nilgai (blue bull), Wild Boar, Porcupine, Indian Gazelle, Rabbit, Monkey, Chinkara, Chausingha, Hyena, Wild Cat, Jackal, Wild Fox & others. Beside this, there is wide variety of colourful birds & creeping animals (poisonous & non poisonous) in the sanctuary. Chandra Prabha & Karmnasha rivers, flowing through the sanctuary have a variety of fish. A remarkable growth in the population of some beasts like Leopards & Boars was seen in the past 3-4 years.

Places of Interest inside the Sanctuary:
Raj Dari-
Surrounded by the forest area, this stepped waterfall is the main attraction point for the tourists. A picnic spot has been developed by the forest department near the fall from where people can enjoy the natural beauty of the fall.
Deo Dari - It is about 500 mts. down the stream below Raj Dari waterfall.
Chandra Prabha Dam - This tourist attraction spot is located up stream on Chandra Prabha River near the sanctuary and is the source of water for both the waterfalls. The dam named Chandra Prabha has been constructed by Irrigation Department.
One Nature Interpretation Centre, showing the names of different species, a library & resource centre, a small Canteen and a Guest House of Forest Dept. (under DFO, Ramnagar) having seven suites available at Rs. 100-300, are located inside the sanctuary, near Raj Dari waterfall.