Dargah Sharif (Bahraich)

Location Located at a distance of about 1 km from Bahraich Railway Station, 3 km from the Bahraich town in Bahraich District, U.P., India
Ideal time to visit Thursday, Friday, Saturday & New moon day of every month are considered auspicious, specially during Urs, which is held on 11th 16th day of Rajab Month & 21st day of Shaban (both are Islamic Months), annual one month fair from first Sunday of Jyestha Month
Timings/opening 5am-12noon, 1pm-8pm, opens on all days
Phone +91-5252-232446
Attractions Religious
How to reach By Road- Bus service is available from Sravasti 48 km & Gonda 65 km
By Rail- Can be accessed by NER Branch Line, diverting from Gonda to Gauri Phanta

The chief place of interest in Bahraich is the Mausoleum of Saiyyad Salar Masaud, who was the son of Salar Sahu and the nephew of Mahmud of Ghani. It was here he met his death in 1303 AD, after the defeat at the hands of King Suheldev and his forces. It is said to have occupied the site of a former temple of the Sun God. It is also said that the dargah was built by Zohra Bibi, the blind daughter of Saiyid Jamal-ud-din of Rudauli, in Barabanki District, after she had regained her eyesight by a pilgrimage to this Mausoleum. She also built a tomb for herself here, and when she died, she was buried here. Her mother & other relatives made a pilgrimage to her grave yearly, performing a ceremony like that of marriage. The pilgrimage gradually gained importance & the tomb became a sacred place over a period of time.

In the year 1375 AD, Emperor Firoz Shah visited Bahraich, and is said to have built the compound wall and other buildings at this place. There was then a saint called Mir Mah residing here on whom the emperor bestowed favours. He also gave a jagir for maintenance of the shrine. The tomb of Mir Mah stands close by and is considered a sacred place. According to another account the tomb was built by Malik Nasir-ud-din Muhammad, the eldest son of Sultan Shams-ud-din Altamash.
A large fair is held at Dargah in early May & June and is attended by thousands of people from far places. They offer a variety of offerings at this shrine. A very picturesque feature of the fair is, the flags brought by the pilgrims. It is said that if the pilgrim's desire has not been fulfilled, he takes away the flag but if the request has been granted the flag is left at the shrine. The administration of the Dargah is maintained by a Committee which also manages the annual fair & other functions held here. A hospital, Musafirkhana (Guest house) & many educational Institutions are also managed by the Dargah Sharif Committee.