Location Located on the northern bank of River Ganges, Lakshagrih is about 47 km from Allahabad on Allahabad-Varanasi road (NH-02), in Allahabad district , U.P., India
How to reach By Road- Frequent bus service is available up to Handia from Allahabad & Varanasi as well.
By Rail-Handia is about 5 km away from this site. Local transport is available from the Handia railway station

A huge mound, named Lakshagrih, is spread over 29 bighas. Here seals of ancient period are often found during the rainy season that reflects the antiquity of the place. According to legend, the structure here, was originally made of lac to burn Pandavas (brothers of Kauravas from Epic Mahabharata). It is believed that this place was Varnavat as described in Mahabharata and because of this incident it is called Lakshagriha. However, there is still controversy about relation of this site with Varnavat. The only importance that this place has today is that a fair is held here annually on Somvati Amavasya (new moon day).