Sohagi Barwa Wildlife Sanctuary

Location About 56 km from Gorakhpur near Maharajganj, the district headquarter of the same name, U.P., India
Ideal time to visit 15th Oct.-June
Attractions Wildlife & natural beauty
How to reachBy Road-can be accessed by road from Gorakhpur up to Maharajganj, from there can also be accessed via Thuthibari, Parsia, Nichlaul, which are the nearby towns of the Sanctuary
By Rail-Neartest Railhead is Anandnagar, which is 30 km from Maharajganj
By Air-Gorakhpur Airport, 62 km

This area was declared a Sanctuary in the year 1987 and is spread over an area of 482 km2. It is the prominent attraction of Maharajganj District and includes seven forest ranges of the adjoining areas. The Sanctuary acts as the corridor between the Sanctuaries in Nepal & Bihar. It is one of the habitats of tiger in U.P. As per 2007 census Animals found here (number in bracket show their population)- Tiger (11), Cheetal (Deer) (586), Wild Cat, Wild boar (2,546),Vulture (235), Sambhar (139), Monkey (9,473), Crane, Python, Crocodile & Aligator (79), Bison (2,090), Porcupine (07),Rabbits (175), Bear(01), Peacock (78), Wildfowl (89), Baboon (Lagoon) (5,506), Crane (257), Kankar (199), Patha (89) Sohagi Barwa & Katarnia Ghat Sanctuaries (Part of Dudhawa Tiger Reserve) are connected through Siwalik forests of Nepal. It has the tiger occupancy in 139 km2 in two separate blocks.